Yiqing Zhao

Bilingual Asian Theater/TV/Film Actress, Singer and Model

Pronunciation: Yee-Ching Jow

Jan.-May. 2016   Short Films

                        "Sisterhood:Libertad" by Jay Pickens (lead)

                        "Free Time"(post-production) by Joan Floyd (lead)

June-July. 2017      Feature Film

             "Orchard Beach" by Mike TS Demitro (principal)

                                 Short Film

             "Careful What You Wish For" by Karla Moores (lead)


             " East Meet East" ( episode 2) ( Prinicipal)



Feb.-Mar.2017      Short Films

                        "Yuki's Walk to Coffee" by Scott Adams (supporting)

                         "My Lady M" by Tingerine Liu (supporting)

                         “Creative Blocks" by Nicola Rose (featured)


                          "Forgiver App" (principal)

                          "Asia Tuina Wholeness" (principal)

                          "East Meet East" (principal)



                            "Variety Show for Kids" by Marlene Hochman



                             "Art Gallery Photo Series" by Anne Joyce 

Apr.-May. 2017    Theater

                     Lizards by   Megan Mostyn-Brown (lead)

                     Directed by Claire Gresham

                     Stella Adler Studio of Acting

                               Print Modeling

                     EF Education First

                     Pagent Embrace Re-enactment by Ka-Man Tse

( to be exhibited as part of "In Search of Miss Ruthless" in Para Site, Hong Kong, this summer)


Sept.-Dec.2016      TV

                          "Warlovers: Making the Musical"

                           by James Doyle Klier, MNN (principal)


                                  Music Video

                             Gunz-Up, by Peter Litvin ( dancer/schoolgirl)      



                            "Never Knew App" (featured)