What would it be like to leap into a purpose-driven life filled with inspiration and love?

What would it be like to claim and harness your innate magical power and transform into your higher self?

We are all creators of our own lives, yet we are often limited by no one but ourselves. 

That's why I transitioned to coaching from medicine and public health--I believe healing minds are equally important, if not more, than healing physical bodies.

I am a creative life coach and a storyteller. I help you re-write your life stories by tapping into your intuition, connecting to your higher self and to the universe. 


I created  this life...

Coming to the US alone with 2 suitcases adding up to my body weight.

Got a full scholarship and completed my master's degree in public health with a GPA of 3.94

Published journals on people living with HIV/AIDS


Made my theatre debut in Baltimore, as the only non-native English speaker in the cast with no prior training


Made my New York debut while working a 9-5 for a non-profit


Wrote and produced 3 plays and a short film


Obtained a Visa for People with Extraordinary Abilities

And more!